Atis Constant-Ayiti M Prale

Ayiti m' Prale cover last modif large

John’s Herbert Constant, better known by his stage name ” Atis Constant” is a young Haitian musician born 29 October 1990. Author , composer and performer , he gained national recognition after his three appearances in 2010 , 2011 and 2014, in the singing competition ” Digicel Stars “. he is talented so

We please would like to help him with his last single Ayiti M’ Prale ,a song by Atis Constant
in this song Constant talks about our good foods and our beaches he showcases our culture let s please help him do what you can for him help Constant by sharing the song on your site or help in any other way you think you can buy the single or Listen & share.
Please take your time to listen to this young Haitian singer to see if you can help him or not. everytime we help a haitian we help Haiti we push it up.

the song and the cover art are in the pieces jointes

we dont ask money we ask for support so support him as you can

let s support one each other.

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