This website is designed to promote hip hop kreyol tracks, as well as the raggae, ragga, and danchall tracks in the movement. Artists in the area mentioned above are welcome to send us their tracks (MP3’s) to be heard by our visitors at (allrapkreyol@gmail.com). In addition, for MIXTAPES, we’ll only accept the DOWNLOAD LINK from the artists’ websites or from a file sharing website such as DropBox, Google Drive, and others….

Spread the words people. Let others know about this website.

Website sa a la pou pwomote HipHOP KREYOL tracks, Raggae, Ragga, ak Dancehall tracks nan mouvman an. Atis ki fè tout jan de mizik sa yo ka voye tracks yo (MP3’s) ba nou sou allrapkreyol@gmail.com pou’n poste pou vizitè yo. Pou atis ki gen MIXTAPE yo, nou selman aksepte (DOWNLOAD LINK) ki ka nan website atis la oubyen link ki sot nan Dropbox, Google Drive, and kek lot…. Youn di lot. Di fanatik ou ki kote mizik ou poste.